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poetrusis's Journal

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Poetrusis is:

(1) That Golden Moment when we are so drunk and giddy on our words that everything makes sense. That little stretch of time that we find so rarely when we are caught up and carried away by our words.

(2) A forum for those who wish to share their original prose works (nonfiction, essays, fiction, drabbles, etc.) and to share inspiration, ideas, thoughts, plots, challenges, problems, and everything else.

The rules:

(1) If you're posting any sort of writing (or your post is lengthy), please put it behind an lj-cut.

(2) Please put a warning on anything R or above, along with any potentially offensive content.

(3) Keep your criticism constructive. IE, no flames or senseless attacks.

(4) This community is a prose community, which means no poetry or song lyrics. If you are interested in poetry, we recommend </a></b></a>lostgeneration.

This community is members only, but the process for joining is fairly simple. If you're interested, please e-mail shatterglass@gmail.com with a writing sample of a reasonable length. General guidelines suggest more than half a page, less than five. You will be notified within a week.