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So, July 2, and not a word. Good start for me, really. *guilty* Ah, but I am really open to any ideas to run with, and Reena suggested challenges, so:

If you've any more first lines, characters, scenarios, entire plots, whatever, I know we did song lyrics and lines awhile back, comment here and share and trade and challenge each other, because as much as I love beginnings and lingering in them, I need one. Soon.

I am flipping through The Pocket Muse, a great little book by Monica Wood, and here are a few of its suggestions:

Write a scene or a poem that turns on the mishearing of a word.

Write about a person whose reputation rests on the appearance of an inanimate object.

Evening was the time for . . .

Write about trouble resulting from a good deed.

Write about someone whose field of vision, either literal or figurative, has narrowed in the last six weeks.

Write about the last time you got your wish. Write about the first time you got your wish. If you have never gotten your wish, write about that.

As a reader and writer, I love encountering first sentences that simultaneously summon the past and foreshadow the future . . . . In each one, some provocative past event is being conjured just as a present event is about to begin. Try your hand at a few. The right sentence might spark an entire story.
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