trudy truly (godspoodle) wrote in poetrusis,
trudy truly


*catches the ball & runs with it* I don't know what I'm doing either. Wheee, fun! *coughs*

Okay, so... uh... first lines. Well. I can sort of write random lines any time, but as soon as I get a -point- (aka 'plot'), I get scared. I dunno, I'm probably not alone here :D ahahah. Plot scares me. There, I've said it. Maybe I can write a novel without plot! Howboutit! Yeay for randomness.

First lines (hey, steal one!):

The friction was unbearable, and he was almost completely certain he would die if--


The man nodded wisely and gave the girl a magic wand.


When Liam kissed her, she disappeared.


"But how?!" she repeated. "How could you be certain you're going to die tomorrow?"

"Because I'm god," he said seriously.

...okay, so I'm feeling a bit over the top -.-
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