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Finally thought of something.

Using Amalin's starter idea: Write about a person whose reputation rests on the appearance of an inanimate object I have thought of this:

Basically, The plot centres around the ancient Greek statue of Athena Nike - which was made by the sculptor, Pheidias. However, I am going to twist everything around (with absolutely no historical basis whatsoever) and have the sculpture actually designed by his (daughter/neice/daughter-in-law/some youngish female character). He then forbids her to let anyone know that it was all her design - he gets all the credit etc.

Meanwhile, in the present day -
a (male) uni lecturer in classical history/mythology is researching the making of the statue, in order to publish a paper on it in an ancinet history periodical of some kind - he doesn't even speculate that the girl could have designed it and misses all the historical clues to that fact. However his wife becomes a little interested, and, when he explains some odd thing that he has read/discovered that seems to point to the girl, she suggests (jokingly) that it was designed by a women. He dismisses it, forgets about it. Wife finds more evidence by accident, and again introduces the idea to him. He again rejects it, more emphatically. He is privately rather derisive of women and doesn't consider it possible that the famous statue was created by a woman. However his wfe keeps doing research, and eventually writes a paper of her own, which she publishes under an assumed name in that aforesaid periodical. The follows a fierce exchange of letters in that magazine, all the time between the professor and his rather more perceptive wife. Eventually he gets home and loudly explains to her exactly why the person is wrong and a fool - and reveals all his bigotry to his wife. Then (does she tell him it was all her, or not??) she does something - probably leaves him and goes to...I don't know - write a book? In fact (maybe this is stretching it) she could be the author of the above novel - but in 3rd person (?!?!?)

This is all very odd. Bet I never finish it.
Anyway - questions:

1. What are all their names? The greek girl/other characters are not too hard, I can just pick names from history.

2. Is it a bit excessive having all this mystery AND a double storyline? Should I just have the wife finding out about the girl, or should I go ahead and give her a whole plot line to herself (with more characters etc...)

3 - as I said - does the wife reveal herself to her husband, or just, sort of, leave?

4. Am I insane? Does this make sense? Does it matter that it is, historically, a load of bull that I made up in about 5 minutes because of my wildly tangential brain?

Anyway: I am working on the opening.

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